Kawhi Leonard is a Raptor- Now all he has to do is Stay Healthy in Toronto


Kawhi Leonard was finally introduced in a Toronto Raptors jersey and said his primary goal for the season is to stay healthy.

“I want to play here,” Leonard said. “I came in with an open mind. I want to do great things … focus on this year. If you’re looking toward the future you’re going to trip over the present.”

Leonard, a two-time defensive player of the year, was traded to the Raptors on July 18 by the San Antonio Spurs. The Raptors sent guard DeMar DeRozan, center Jakob Poeltl, and a protected first-round pick in 2019 to San Antonio for Leonard and veteran Danny Green.

Leonard struggled with a quad injury last season and made it known that he wanted to to leave the only team for which he had played.

New Raptors coach Nick Nurse said all that mattered to him was that Leonard was “serious about winning.”

Asked his reaction to coming to Toronto, Leonard said, “Excited. I’m coming to a great city that loves basketball.”


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